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LaGrange Tardy Policy

         When the bell rings to signify the end of a class period, the student shall report immediately to their next assigned class.

        Should a student need to use the restroom, they are to do this during the exchange of classes.  Students shall use the restroom that is located in the building of their next class period.  

       Should a student need to go to their locker, they are to do this during the exchange of classes.    

       When the tardy bell rings, teachers shall shut and lock their classroom doors. If a student is tardy, the student will knock on the door and wait for the teacher to let him/her in.  Student will be written up after the 3rd tardy and discipline will be as followed:

          4th  Refer to the office - 2 hours of ISD (In School Detention)

          5th  Refer to the office - 4 hours of ISD

          6th  Refer to office - ONE day of ISS (In School Suspension)

          7th  Refer to office - ONE day of suspension

        Each subsequent tardy will result in either a one day suspension or a similar level disciplinary action.


     The 10 minute lockdown is defined as “10 minutes after the tardy bell and 10 minutes before the end of the class period”.

1   Teachers shall be allowed to give one student one official hall pass (provided by administration) to leave the classroom at a time after the 10 minute lockdown.  No other hall passes are allowed.