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T&I classes offered THIS SUMMER

Jump Start Summers program this summer for students going to the 10th, 11th or 12thgrade:

The following is a list of the programs that we will offer, the identified pathway, the number of slots and the perquisites required:


Course Offered



Number of slots


Commercial Art I

1 credit (310700)

Digital Media or Info Tech

Adobe Certified Associate

Basic State (110 pts.)


Have passed Introduction to Business Computer Applications with a minimum of a B average. Preference will be given to students who demonstrate high level technology skills

Automotive Technician II

1 credit (310305)

Automobile Service

Automobile Service Excellence Advanced State (3 areas -150pts.)


Have already earned a minimum of 1 ASE certification area

Welding Technology III

1 credit (313621)


NCCER Welding Level I

Advanced State (150 pts.)



Have earned a minimum of Welder Helper and/or welding instructor recommendation based on current level and knowledge and performance experience


This summer program is being set up to mimic real-life situations in that the students will have to complete a full application and interview with instructors and business and industry partners. In addition to this process, the students that are selected will be paid a weekly salary of $150. To earn the salary the student cannot miss class for any reason. It is an all or none deal each week. Students will also experience a minimum of 16 hours of job shadowing and internships with the top business and industry partners in our area.


If you have any questions please let me know. You may also call Bridgette Culpepper, Jump Start Summers Coordinator and Career Coach, at x5307 or


Please click on video for more information:

T&I Summer School Information Video