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4/29 Update for AP

Additional support for student email management and information on accoms –



Some of you have contacted me regarding information that was shared with AP teachers at the end of last week that included survey results from students about who will or will not be taking AP Exams.  While the results were intended to simply give some idea of intended testing participation for this year, there has been some concern about students who did not receive the survey from their accounts.


To best help with this, I wanted to call out a couple of important tasks that your AP students and schools’ AP Coordinators can do to ensure that students are receiving the correct information. 


AP Students should (use the attached one-pager for a student walk-through)

  1. Check their email and ensure their correct email address is saved in their College Board account.
  2. Update their phone number and give us permission to text them in their College Board account.
  3. Mark as part of their approved sender lists.  **Teachers can also take this same action.  If your AP students will be using a school/district email, please work with your IT department to make sure that is added to an approved sender list for your school division. 
  4. Students can also indicate the college, university, or scholarship program  to receive their one free AP score send for this year’s administration.


AP Coordinators can (use the short video How to identify and change an AP student's school association and their College Board email address

  1. Confirm that students are using the correct school code – this is important for score reporting.
  2. View a spreadsheet of student email addresses to identify any students who need to be contacted to make sure that they have entered a working email address and can receive messages. 



The attached email was delivered to educators on Tuesday night with information and links to the accommodations page for the May 2020 AP exams.  I have also linked the page Accommodations for 2020 AP Exams.  Please read through this page carefully as it outlines new information about the May 2020 AP exams and accommodations - including guidelines for supports for temporary medical conditions and waiving accommodations.  Please also share this with your AP coordinators and teachers as you deem appropriate. 


As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I am here to help!




Valerie Keating, Director, K-12 - VA

State and District Partnerships


The College Board

M (804)221-3533

Notes for AP Parents and Students:
AP Test Updates & Alerts:  Student Email update required in College Board account to access and take the AP exam.
College Board is sending emails and personalized access to students required for testing.  If an AP student has not received an email from the College Board, it is imperative that Parents and Students login to the student's College Board account and provide a personal email other than the school email.
CPSB wants every student to have the same opportunity to test and earn college credit through AP just like they would any other year.  Universal testing provides equity and access. The College Board has supported these efforts in making accomodations for this unique time.  Keep your goals in mind, work hard and good luck on testing day!

Below are links to resources and messaging from the College Board:  

 "The College Board has moved AP exams online so students can take them at home. The 45-minute online exams will be given from May 11–22 with make-up tests available from June 1–5. Students will be able to take these exams on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.  

The College Board created a new website that includes critical information and resources for AP studentsteachers, and coordinators."