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Seniors: FAFSA Application is OPEN

Top reasons to File the FAFSA early:

·         Students/families have more time to address potential FAFSA errors.

·         Students/families increase their chance to access the student's estimated financial aid before the college decision deadline.

  • Students/families have an easier time comparing colleges.
    • If the is submitted FAFSA earlythere is a chance that colleges will give an estimated financial aid offer early, providing more time to compare colleges before the college decision deadline.
  • Students/families have more time to focus on other things, like college applications, senior year coursework, or applying for scholarships.
  • Students potentially have more scholarship eligibilitySome scholarships look at FAFSA results—and some of those scholarships have early deadlines. Students should not disqualify themselves from those scholarships.

More information and resources are forth coming. If you have any questions please email


Click Here: FAFSA Information and Frequently Asked Questions