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Attention Students: 2021-22 Course Scheduling

2021-22 Course Scheduling

It is now time to start scheduling for next year.  If you are face-to-face, you will do this in your English class.  If you are virtual you need to watch the you tube video at the bottom on how to schedule. You will schedule using your A+ grades in Jcampus.  It opens today and will close on 5/31.  If you do not choose your classes, we will choose them for you, and you will not be to change them.
If you are a 9th grader you will use the Sophomore paper, if you are a 10th grader you will use the Junior paper and if you are an 11th grader you will use the Senior paper.  All papers are attached to this email.  There are also instructions on how to do it attached to this email.
If you do not have your Jcampus login you can email your counselor and they will email it to you.  If you have any questions on scheduling, you will also email your counselor to set up either a face-to-face appointment or a phone call appointment.
Counselors' emails:
Watch this video first!!


Click on Link to view both Diploma Pathways: CTU vs Jumpstart

Diploma Pathway

VIDEO: How To Schedule Your Classes

Directions on Student Entry of Course Requests