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2022 Graduation - May 21st at 11 am, Burton Col



Our philosophy – Graduation is a privilege earned through much hard work, sweat, and tears by many and, as such, it is treated with the upmost respect and dignity that it deserves.


The following information is for all potential graduating seniors and their parents/guardians:


NOTE:  Only graduating seniors will be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony.  This means that the student has passed all required graduation exams as well as having met all requirements of the diploma track under which they are obligated.  In addition, the student must remain in good standings both with regards to attendance and discipline.  All these things factor into the eligibility of the potential graduate.  Failure in any of these areas may result in the student being denied marching in the graduation ceremony in May.




Seniors are reminded that i-Contracts, Credit Recovery, AP testing, and any other necessary attendance must complete by its due dates.


CAP and GOWN: All our senior supplies are ordered through Graduate Sales.  The ONLY items we require seniors to order are their cap and gowns, diploma covers, and stole – a minimum of $125. Everything else is optional but please understand that once you placed the order you are contractually obligated to pay that debt before you will be allowed to participate in graduation.



GRADUATION WILL BE HELD Saturday, MAY 21, 2021, AT 11:00 A.M. at BURTON COLLISSEUM. All seniors should arrive no later than 9:45 AM. Doors for graduates will open at 9:30 am.  Lineup assignments will be given at that time. ALL GRADUATING SENIORS ARE REQUIRED TO ATTEND REHEARSAL beginning at 10:00 am promptly on May 21st & GRADUATION UNLESS EXCUSED BY MRS. GUILLORY.


Parents and students will not be allowed to save seats or hang banners before, during, or after rehearsal or graduation. Banners are not allowed at Burton. Absolutely No Balloons.



Doors open at 9:30 am for graduates.

**Seniors will report to the Burton Collisseum by 9:45 am for line up. Caps and gowns should be worn into the Burton. White Stole will be passed out before the ceremony during rehearsal.

**Please keep all cell phones out of site during the ceremony. Recommendation: Seniors should leave cell phones with parents. Failure to comply will result in non-participation or removal from the graduation ceremony. **Any senior arriving late once the procession has started will not be able to participate in the graduation ceremony. If there is an emergency, please text Mrs. Evans through Remind.


**Please NOTE No guest restrictions currently. Guest may enter at 10:00 am. Please do not hold sections of seats. First come, First will be seated.



  1. All young ladies are required to wear dresses, blouses, and skirts (there is NO stipulation on the color or style of dresses or skirts & blouses as these are not visible under the robe) or navy or black dress slacks/jumpsuit.  Dresses/skirts should not be longer than the graduation robe nor should they extend up beyond the collar of the robe or past the sleeve line.  


2.  Suggested ladies’ shoes: Solid white, black, navy, or bone (beige). Heels may be a maximum of 3” for safety reasons; and shoes (flats or heels) must be a full shoe – no slides again for safety reasons.  Tennis shoes, beach shoes, slippers, and sandals are NOT ALLOWED


3.  Decorated stoles and Caps are NOT allowed. Corsages and boutonnieres should not be worn on the graduation robe nor are any stoles or sashes other than those provided by LaGrange High School.  Only issued tassels are allowed & no decorations of any kind are permitted on the cap or any part of the graduation attire. No large jewelry or chains will be allowed to be worn on top of the gown.


4.  All young men are required to wear white collared shirts, dark full ties, bowties, and navy or black dress slacks & black, brown, or navy DRESS SHOESTennis shoes, beach shoes, slippers, and sandals are NOT ALLOWEDT-shirts, open-collared shirts, shorts, and jeans are NOT ALLOWED.


Should you be unsure as to whether what you are planning to wear will be acceptable it is always better to come by my office to ask about your specific article of clothing or bring it/them by for me to see first-hand even a picture will often be enough.  This will avoid the embarrassment of being told you cannot walk graduation night because you are dressed improperly.


If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 217-4960, ext. 7114


Bcc: Senior Class



Payment dates:

May 5th from 9-10 am…Final Call