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LCBA Office Faculty Hours

Virtual Teachers  Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 8-10

Fine Arts Dept     Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 10-12

ESL Dept                Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9-11


Advanced Studies Dept-

Alicia Jones            Monday 10-12, Wednesday, 8-10, Thursday 1-3

Leisha Andrepont   Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 10-12

Leslie Gurley          Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 12-3

Lauren LeBato         Monday 8-10, Tuesday 1-3, Thursday 10-12

Sam Dondapati       Monday, Wednesday, Friday 2-4

Sue Yerramalla       Monday, Wednesday, Friday 2-4

Hannah Stevens     Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 10-11:30 and 1-2

Sarun Wamsley      Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9-11