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Printed Resources Available

A call out was sent of how our amazing teachers provided printed resources for LSE students if needed. As a reminder, these are not mandatory and will not be taken for a grade. The resources are strictly to assist with instructional support at home.

The materials are in containers by grade levels located by the front doors. Each container has what is available for each student. Ex/ Some grades may have workbooks as others may have printed packets or a combination of both.

I couldn't fit all the workbooks in the containers at one time, so if you go by and your grade level specifically had workbooks, but are out please know I will replace tomorrow. Only take one of each subject for your child to ensure our students have what is needed.

We are still strongly encouraging the use of ZEARN and reading each day if able. The packets are designed to work one page of math and one of ELA each day just to keep our kiddos engaged.

Know that you are all in my heart, thoughts, and prayers of protection everyday! If you have any questions our fabulous teachers are still available to assist. At anytime I am needed, please do not hesitate to email or leave a message on my voicemail and I will get back to you as I'm checking on the school. I speak for everyone at LSE in sharing the gratefulness for the support you provide in everyway. They say it takes a village.....I boldly say, "We have the BEST!"