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Picking up student's items

It's time to come pick up your child's items from school.  We have scheduled by grade levels beginning this Wednesday, 5/13.

PreK and Kindergarten
Wednesday 5/13    9:00-10:30

1st Grade
Wednesday 5/13    2:00-3:30

2nd Grade
Thursday 5/14        9:00-10:30

3rd Grade
Thursday 5/14        2:00-3:30

4th Grade
Friday 5/15              9:00-10:30

5th Grade
Friday 5/15              2:00-3:30

1.  Enter into the gravel drive off of Claude Hebert and exit on the side of the gym as we did for meal pickup and the parade.

2.  Have a paper with your child’s name to display.

3.  Staff will bring the bag of items to your vehicle.

If you have children in multiple grades and want to collect all at one time, you will need to come during the grade level time of your oldest. 

We will have the lost and found items on a table in front of the gym. If you need to look through, you may pull in and park after receiving the items from a staff member. Please practice social distancing measures.