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Louisiana State Standards


Louisiana State Standards

Why Are Academic Standards Important?


Academic standards are important because they help ensure that all students, no matter where they live, are prepared for success in college and the workforce.


Standards provide an important first step— a clear roadmap for learning for teachers, parents, and students. Having clearly defined goals helps families and teachers work together to ensure that students succeed. They also will help your child develop critical thinking skills that will prepare him or her for college and career. The shifts in ELA / literacy and math provide foundational knowledge for understanding the Common Core State Standards by describing the essential changes in practice required by the Standards.-



You probably have already noticed that we are teaching fewer standards, but we are teaching with more depth, more tasks, and more student-centered learning at higher thinking levels. In addition, students are receiving fewer grades, but the grades reflect student performance on more rigorous curriculum focused on mastery. Remember: this CCSS classroom is different from the classrooms in which most of us adults were taught!





Where can parents find the Louisiana State Standards?


You can go to the following websites: