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Maplewood Middle Honor Band Awards

Our Maplewood Comet band had a very strong
showing at the recent honor band selection.
Way to go band!
MMS Honor Band Students
Bari Sax-Benjamin Boudreaux- 1st Chair Bucc Band
Baritone-Wesley Littleton- 3rd Chair Contra Band Margaret Hoffpauir- 4th Chair
Bucc Band
Clarinet-Zachary Rizzuto- 9th Chair Contra Band Paige Miller- 15th Chair Bucc, Band
Aiden Tyler- 18th Chair Bucc Band
French Horn-Mikayla Smith- 4th Chair Contra Band, Brandon Turner- 6th Chair Contra
Tenor Sax- Devin Laird- 1st Chair Bucc Band, Brice Bounds- 2nd Chair Bucc Band
Trombone- Peyton Turner- 5th Chair Contra Band, Alex Louviere- 7th Chair Contra
Band, Luke Foreman-8th Chair Bucc Band
Trumpet- John Leger- 10th Chair Contra Band AND 1st Chair Jazz Trumpet Trenton Le-
Blanc- 3rd Chair Bucc Band
Tuba- Joshua Downs- 4 Contra Band