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Our new middle school CPSB math curriculum includes access to an online component known as ALEKS (Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces) . The groundbreaking technology that ALEKS employs interacts with each student individually,
identifying knowledge gaps and adapting its explanations and questions to the student’s particular needs. Our MMS math teachers have been training on the use of ALEKS and we have recently introduced many of our students to the program. Teachers and students are giving a big thumbs up!  Because of its ability to individualize instruction, ALEKS works for every student, from those who are struggling to those who in our advanced math programs. Students can receive ALEKS instruction and evaluation anywhere, anytime—at home, at school, in a computer lab, day or night, 24 hours a day. Each student has a unique login that can be obtained
from his/her math teacher. Even though students may access ALEKS via the internet, adult interaction is still very important. Any educational tool has a greater impact when supported by teachers and parents. I invite parents to visit ALEKS with your child. We have already heard from several parents who are finding the program to be inviting and helpful.