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Top 3 Finalist for Louisiana teacher of the year! Lacey Blocker

Lacey Blocker is a TOP 3 Finalist for Louisiana teacher of the year!! Way to Go!!

Congratulations to Ms. Lacey Blocker, Maplewood Middle Teacher of the Year! 

Ms. Blocker teaches 6th grade English Language Arts at Maplewood Middle School. She has been teaching since 2005. Ms. Blocker is a National Board certified teacher, CPSB I- TEC Model Classroom Teacher, and a New Teacher Mentor.

Some of her past awards include: Selected as a CPSB I-TEC Model Classroom Teacher 2017, Louisiana American Legion Teacher of the Year 2011, Region VI Middle School Teacher of the Year 2010, Vernon Parish Middle School Teacher of the Year 2010, Pickering Elementary School Teacher of the Year 2010, Member of a High Performing/High Poverty School Award at Pickering Elementary 2008-2010, Accelerated Reading Distinguished Educator Award for Outstanding Service 2007, Accelerated Reading Master Classroom 2005-2007

There is no doubt that Ms. Blocker is a highly qualified and highly effective teacher, but the credentials that mean the most to her students don't come on a certificate. Ms. Blocker demonstrates a genuine care for each and every student. Each day, she welcomes her students into her inviting classroom with a smile and a challenge.

Ms. Blocker, MMS is proud! Good luck as you move on to district.