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Pre-K and bus students are dropped off in the front circle beginning at 7:05 AM. Some bus students may arrive at 7:00 AM.

Kindergarten-5th grade students are dropped off in the back circle beginning at 7:05 AM.

All students are to have a mask on when exiting the car or bus. 

If you purchase a lanyard for your child's mask, it must be a break-away lanyard.

No parents will be allowed on campus due to Covid regulations.

We will have plenty of staff to help students get to their classrooms. 

If your K-5th child is eating breakfast at school, there will be cafeteria kiosk set up on the back pavillion for students to get a "Grab and Go" breakfast. Pre-K and bus students will get their "Grab and Go" breakfast in the cafeteria. Students eat breakfast in their classroom.

As soon as students get to the classroom, children will be checked for fever. A child with 99.8 or higher will have to go home.

Students arriving after 7:45 are tardy and will have to go through the front office.