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Uniform Policy Update

Per CPSB meeting on January 12, our uniform policy has been suspended for this school year.


With so many questions, we want to clear up some confusion:




👚Articles of clothing with holes (Including jeans)

👖Jeans with partially torn holes, frays, or patches

🩳Shorts or skirts more than 3” above the knee

👀See through attire

👕Crop or bareback tops

🎽Strapless or spaghetti dresses/tops

🩴Backless shoes or House slippers

💤Pajamas or onesies

🧢Cap/hats/sunglasses inside school building (Beanies allowed outside only on cold days)

❌Clothing with profane, obscene, and inappropriate language, images, or messages

👎🏼Clothing with advertisement of alcohol, drugs, drug paraphernalia, or illegal substances