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Spring Testing Information

High School Testing Info for Parents

LEAP 2025 End of Course Testing (EOC)

Testing Window: April 15-May 21

  • What are LEAP 2025 End of Course Tests?

The LEAP 2025 End of Course tests are exams that measure the content knowledge students have learned at the end of English I, English II, Algebra I, geometry, biology, and American history.


  • Can my child still graduate if he/she does not take and pass the LEAP 2025 End of Course Exams?

No, state policy requires high school students to take and pass End of Course Exams to meet graduation requirements.


  • How do these exams impact my child’s report card grade?

Your child’s grade on each end of course exam will count as a 5th marking period grade on the report card and 20% of the overall final grade for the course. If your child does not take an End of Course exam, the 5th marking period grade will be a failing grade, and that grade will be averaged with the other 4 marking periods to calculate the final grade in the course.


  • How do these exams impact my child’s Official State Transcript, overall GPA, and class rank?

The final grade in End of Course classes is calculated with the EOC weight of  20%. The final grade for every high school course is placed on the Official State Transcript and used in the student’s overall grade point average (GPA) and class rank.


  • Will my child fail an EOC course if he/she does not take the exam?

To pass an End of Course class, students must have 5 quality points instead of 4 quality points like in non-End of Course classes. It is critical to note that even if a student has the quality points to pass an End of Course class, he/she will still need to pass End of Course tests to graduate.



ACT Testing

Test Date: March 9

  • What is the ACT exam?

ACT is an exam that measures students’ college and career readiness in English, math, science, and reading.


  • Does my child need an ACT score to qualify for scholarships like TOPS?

Yes, along with meeting other TOPS requirements, students must have the following ACT composite scores: TOPS Tech, 18; TOPS Opportunity, 20; TOPS Performance, 23; and TOPS Honors, 27.


  • How does the ACT impact dual enrollment coursework?

To be eligible to take a dual enrollment course at McNeese or Sowela, students must have a qualifying ACT or ACCUPLACER score.


  • What are the dual enrollment qualifying ACT scores?

Students must have a score of 18 in English and a score of 19 in math to be eligible to take dual enrollment.


  • How much does ACT cost?

The ACT exam given by CPSB in March is free of charge. If your child takes that ACT exam during one of the national testing dates, the cost is $55 for the no writing section and $70 with the writing section.



 Grades, Graduation, and Course Failures


  • Will Calcasieu close out final grades by doubling 9 weeks grades like it did last school year?

No, Calcasieu Parish will follow the standard protocol of using grades students earned for all 4 (or 5 if it is an EOC course) marking periods to close out grades this school year.


  • Will my senior be able to graduate if he/she is not finished with coursework by May 10?

No, the deadline for seniors to complete all coursework and pass EOCs is May 10.


  • What is the deadline for 9th, 10th, or 11th graders to complete all coursework for the 2020-2021 school year?

The deadline is May 31.


  • Will summer school be offered for failed courses?

Yes, students can repeat up to 3 failed courses in summer school. If your child does not attend summer school to pass failed courses, his/her graduation date could be delayed.


  • Can my child take a credit recovery course for a failed class?

Yes, however, new state guidelines limit the number of credit recovery courses a student can take. The policy allows 2 credit recovery courses per school year and a limit of 7 total to be used to meet graduation requirements. NCAA will not accept credit recovery courses to meet eligibility.