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How to email your teacher

Follow these steps to email a teacher at SHS:

1) EMAIL ADDRESS - always use your CPSB email address (username is first name initial + last name initial + ID number, add for email address (EX: Turbo Tornado, ID number 1234567, username is tt1234567@

2) SUBJECT LINE - this is a 2-5 word summary of the purpose of your email (EX: missing grade, homework question, late work, internet access, OR Odysseyware)

3) GREETING - begin the body of the email with a greeting (EX: good morning, hello, OR good afternoon)

4) BODY OF THE EMAIL - this is where you explain the purpose of your email

5) CLOSING - end with an appropriate remark (EX: thank you, have a nice day)

6) SIGN YOUR NAME - or in the case of an email, type your name 


GENERAL TIPS: be sure to use proper capitalization and punctuation; always use proper grammar; please spell out your words