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Dress Code Policy

Dress Code Policy Sulphur High School – 9th Grade (due to recent hurricanes)


Due to the recent hurricanes, we have adjusted our dress code policy. These policies will remain in effect until a specific date, to be determined by CPSB.


  1. Students will comply with school uniform policy in effect pre-hurricane if those items are still available. Students are encouraged to wear school uniforms at this time.
  2. Parents can contact the school to be provided with resources to replace “lost” uniforms through McKinney-Vento and/or Dewanna’s closet. (Please email for more information.)
  3. Students without school uniforms are permitted to wear school appropriate clothing using these guidelines:
    • Appropriate length bottoms
    • Shirts must be sleeved and able to be tucked in
    • Clothing cannot have rips, tears, holes or rubbings
    • No hoodies, joggers, jeggings or spandex
    • Shoes must be close-toed and have a back (crocs are not permitted for safety reasons)
    • Undergarments cannot be visible
    • Clothing cannot have inappropriate graphics or language, political slogans, or graphics deemed “not school appropriate” by the administrator.
  4. Students must always wear a mask when on campus. 


Please note CPSB will be setting a deadline for uniforms to be mandatory at a later date.  We will announce that date as soon as we know it.