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Teacher of The Year



Ms. Morgan places the quality of the education she provides to our students above all else. She constantly searches for new ways to engage the students and is willing to give just about any instructional method a try if she believes it will help with student engagement. From Socratic Circles, which encourage class discussion, to Grudge Ball Matches, which encourage math fluency practice, new and exciting instructional methods can always be found in Ms. Morgan’s classroom. At the core of quality educators is a profound sense of compassion. Ms. Morgan’s empathy for her students and their struggles both in and out of the classroom is admirable. She truly embraces her role of mentor and life coach by teaching life-long lessons which reach well beyond the confines of the classroom. Lastly, Ms. Morgan understands the importance of self-reflection. She strives for excellence daily. She understands the importance education makes in the lives of our students and embraces that significance by constantly reflecting on ways she can be the best educator she can be. Ms. Morgan understands that we are all here for the students and her actions daily reflect this belief.