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Student Packets Available Monday, April 6th, 10:00

  • Pick-up April 6th, 10:00

  • Math packets will include the following
    Problem Sets
    Sprints for two week-fluency practice (Time your child to see how many of the items they can complete in one minute.)
    Parent tip sheets 
  • These are review skills for the students. These componets are part of the students' daily school activities. They should complete Sprint A and B to see improvement in fluency. The goal is to improve from Sprint A and B. Not all lessons include a Sprint. They may complete the remainder of the pages for practice. These skills and componets will help your child stay in a school routine without overwhelming them with new material. 
  • Continue to study multiplication and division facts. 
  • Reading packets will include the following
    Cold Reads with questions for two weeks - A cold read is new text to students, while using previously acquired skills to respond to questions.
  • These are informational text related to the science and social studies standards within the Lexile level (reading level) for each grade. 
  • Students are familiar with cold reads. This is part of their school routine. 

Teachers are providing other materials on their Blackboard websites. 

If you have any questions, please contact your child's teacher. We have also posted other resources on our website. Please let your child know that we miss them! 


Most important please stay safe and remember social distancing, while pickiing up your child's packets.