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Meet -N-Greet

Good Evening WHES Parents,

We are excited to welcome our students back to school! Due to the new COVID protocols, we are revising our Meet -N- Greet night. Meet- N- Greet will be August 11, 2021 from 5:00-6:00. 3rd grade teachers will be located in the cafeteria. 4th and 5th grade teachers will be located in the patio area. You will have the opportunity to meet your child's teacher and receive the beginning of the year packets. Packets may be completed and sent back to school the first day. Classrooms will be closed but you may locate your child's classroom, after you meet the teacher. If you would like to conference with your child's teacher, you may e-mail them to set up a conference. The teachers will provide a document with their e-mail, along with the beginning of the year packet. We will provide an opportunity at our Open House for you to visit your child's classroom. We wanted to provide an opportunity for you to visit our school and meet your child's teacher, while staying as socially distant as possible. Please send all supplemental school supplies the first day of school. Please take a picture in front of one of our mural around the school. If you post the picture to Facebook, please hashtag the picture #WHES2022. Please remember to socially distance and wear a mask when you are entering the building. We are looking forward to seeing everyone August 11th. Have a great evening.
Sonia Lockhart
Western Heights Elementary