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Westlake High Virtual Students!

Parents and students, please download the files below.


If you are taking IBCA or BCA virtually, please check the websites of Mr. Davis or Mrs. Vincent, you will not be using Odysseyware.


If you are taking Agriscience with Mrs. Smart, check her website. You will also not be using Odysseyware.


The grade and due dates that are in Odysseyware courses may not be accurate. Odysseyware only shows an average of assignments that have been completed and does not average in incomplete assignments. In addition, some assignments in Odysseyware may be combined for one grade. When grades are transferred from Odysseyware to JCampus, teachers will follow CPSB grading policies. For an accurate course grade, parents and students should check Student Progress Center.


Important Files


How to Check Your Student Email


CCR Student Orientation


Student User Guide for Odysseyware


Student Odysseyware Help