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Welcome Back!

Good afternoon WHS parents/guardians.  I am excited to announce that WHS is finally able to open its halls and classrooms to our students. If you are a full-time virtual student, then you will continue to work online from home.  If you are a face-to-face student and your last name begins with the letters A-K, then your first day to attend will be on Wednesday Nov 4th.  If your last name begins with the letters L-Z, then your first day to attend will be Thursday Nov 5th.  Upon arriving on campus all students need to wear a mask and you will have to report to designated areas so that we remain in compliance with the state's covid guidelines.  Freshmen will report to the cafeteria, sophomores and juniors will report to the big gym, and seniors will report to the back gym.  These will be the same areas that you will report to during lunch.  The bell to start school will ring at 7:40am and the day will end at 3:04pm.  Students will first stop by homerooms to pick up their schedules, and then they will report to first hour.  If you are a senior and you do not have a first hour, we are asking that on your first day of school, please report to campus at 7:40 and go to your homeroom to receive your schedule and then report to Ms. Vincent's room for first hour to receive your beginning of the year packets.    Again, we look forward to seeing you on campus. Thanks, and God Bless 


Bryan Trahan


Westlake High School