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Car Rider Drop Off / Pick Up

Starting Tuesday September 6th,there will be a new procedure for student drop off and student pick up by car riders because of construction happening in the front of the school. 

Car riders and walkers will be dropped off at the bus ramp, and they will enter through the black gate that passes by the band hall and into the building. 

At the end of the day, car riders and walkers will exit the building down hallway 100 into the teacher parking lot. Parents in vehicles will line up on Garden drive and at 3:06 will be directed into the teacher parking lot to pick up their student and then will be directed to exit the parking lot. 

This also means that parents and guests stopping by during school hours will have to go to the bus ramp and push the button on the keypad at the black gate on the bus ramp. A front office worker will communicate with you through the keypad system. 

A picture diagram is attached to help see the flow of student pick up. 

Bus riders and student driver procedures remain as they currently are except upon arrival, they will enter school on the bus ramp instead of the front of the school.

These procedures will stay in place until communicated differently. Email Mr. Trahan with any questions.