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FKW Beta Technology Production

Theme: A Beta Mindset through Advanced Technology

The following video is a production by our BETA students for this year's Technology competition which will be held at this year's conference February 7-9 in Lafayette. The student's are using Motion Capture Technology with many other programs to create a rendered Iron Man Sequence. Credits and details listed below.

  • Music: Avengers Assemble by Alan Silvestri (Composer of the Avengers monies)
    • Avengers Infinity War Trailer by Alan Silvestri
  • Production Hardware: Canon 70D Camera & EFS 10-22mm Camera, Rode Mic Pro
    • Optitrack Mocap Hardware
      • Motive Software (Skeletal Data)
    • Green Screen backdrop & diffused Lighting
  • Post-Production
    • XNA LAra (XPS) Digital Character translation to 3D file format
    • Autodesk MotionBuilder (3d Rendered character and scene) 
    • After Effects for Special Effects and Color Correction
    • Avengers Font
  • Students
    • BETA: Project Leads & Technical

Click here for Louisiana State Beta Technology Video Production: A Beta Mindset

Click here for 2:00 Minute Video Motion Capture Production