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Frequently Asked Questions

-When can I register online? July 1-31

- What day is Bell City registration? 
Friday Aug 9 : 9am-12pm- Big Gym

- My child is a new student and doesn’t have an ID #- can I register online?

NO. This must be done in person. 
All new students must bring the following with them to register: 
Birth Certificate
Social Security 
current immunization record
2 proof of residence
Parent drivers lic.
Any legal documents if Guardian, or custody papers

- My child attended another CPSB school and already has an ID #, can I register with Bell City online?
Yes- It seems like the system will allow you to register as long as you have a valid ID #- MAKE SURE you have permission to transfer schools from Office of Child Welfare and Attendance. You can preorder shirts and pay for reg fees online, but you will still need to bring items listed above to fully register your child. 

-If I register online, do I still need to attend registration? 
Only If you want to pick up pre-ordered shirts, class schedules etc. Otherwise, shirts will be sent home during first week of school.

-Can someone else pick up shirts for me?

If they have your receipt - Only those with the printed receipt can pick up shirts. They will sign for the shirts.

- If I order online, am I guaranteed to receive all of my order at registration?

NO- we will fill orders as they arrive, and if you are missing shirts due to low inventory, they will be on order. The earlier you order online, the better chance you have to receive your entire order.

- If I order shirts at BC registration (not online) when will they arrive? 
Most orders take 2-4 weeks to arrive. Students will have to follow cpsb uniform shirt policy until their uniform t-shirts arrive.

- I want to preorder shirts, but my child is new and doesn’t have an ID #- 
You have to have a student ID# to pay online. If you have a family member or friend that is willing to order for you, under their student, you have that option for shirts, but you cannot pay their registration online until you receive an ID # (typically up to 1 week after registering at school)

-My child still owes a debt, can I register online?
Yes- but you will not be allowed to pick up shirts and/or class schedules until the debt is paid- you can pay ID debts online, but others ust be paid at th debt table @ registration.

-I don’t have my child’s ID #- where do I find that? 
On Student Progress Center, ask them their computer username(it’s part of their username), report card, etc.