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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Oops! I paid the Bell City Registration fees instead of the CPSB Connected Classroom Virtual Reg Fees – What do I do?

A:You will need to pay the correct fee, then email to process your refund for the wrong fees.

Q:We have personal devices at home, how do I know if they are compatible for distance learning?

A:Most virtual learning is web-based meaning internet access is all you need  However, you can try to have your student log into their launchpad ( to access:

1-their office 365 account

*Outlook, One Note, One Drive

2-their blackboard account

*Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

(this is how we teach via webcam)


Q: Since students are only attending  a few days of the week, does that mean I need to register for Connected Classrooms (Virtual Learning)

A: No - Connected Classrooms is  separate  - that is 100% online. If your children are attending on-site, they simply register with their school like normal. 

Q: I am a community member and I just want to order shirts - can I? 

Yes, see instructions for parents, there is a section for community members. 

Q: I want my child to attend virtual school- do I still register with Bell City? 

Yes, Sign up for virtual school on the website, then complete the Bell City registration steps. (See instructions)

Q: If my child is attending virtual school, do I have to pay Bell City Registration Fees?

A: You will only pay the Virtual School Registration Fee, not the Bell City School Registration Fee. However, you must pay other school fees if applicable, such as HS Class dues. 

Q: When can I register for Bell City online?

 A: Open now!

Q:What day is Bell City registration at school/on campus
A: See the Registration Update posted for dates and times. 

Q: My child is a new student and doesn’t have an ID #- can I pre-register online?

A: YES, but you still need to visit the office - see the instructions file posted

All new students must have the following with them to register onine: 
Birth Certificate
Social Security 
current immunization record
2 proof of residence
Parent drivers lic.
Any legal documents if Guardian, or custody papers

Here is the link to the Child Welfare & Attendance Office for more information and forms you need:

Q: My child attended another CPSB school and already has an ID #, can I register with Bell City online?

A: Yes- See Instructions

MAKE SURE you have permission to transfer schools from Office of Child Welfare and Attendance. You can preorder shirts and pay for reg fees online, but you may need to verify other documents as requested IN PERSON

Q: If I register online, do I still need to attend registration? 

A: New Student: YES - you need to attend or visit the office

A: Existing Students -NO- this replaces on-campus registration unless you are a new student. Uniform shirts will be handed out the first week of school.

Q: If I order shirts after the priority deadline, when will they arrive? 
A: Most orders take 2-4 weeks to arrive. Students will have to follow cpsb uniform shirt policy until their uniform t-shirts arrive.

Q: I want to preorder shirts, but my child is new and doesn’t have an ID #

A: You can create an account for yourself and use a generic student ID of 900 - see instructions

Q:What material are the shirts?

A: Gildan Brand - 50/50 Blend

Q: My child still owes a debt, can I register online?

A: Yes- but you will not be allowed to pick up shirts and/or class schedules until the debt is paid- you can pay most if not all debts online now

Q: I don’t have my child’s ID #- where do I find that? 
1. On Student Progress Center (If site is down, keep checking back)

  1. Ask the student their computer username(it’s part of their username)
  2. Look at the student's report card - it is listed as SIDNO 
  3. Paid online or ordered shirts online last year? Find your receipt. Their student ID should be on their receipt. 
  4. PreK student? You can always use the generic student ID of 900 until you can get your PSN to create an account for Student Progress Center
  5. Still can’t find it? Submit the password help form posted on the web.