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April 9 P.M. Update

In today's update, we are sharing information regarding Online Educational Resources, High School Seniors and more. 


In an effort to provide more online learning opportunities to students and families during this school closure, the CPSB Technology Department has been working nearly around the clock to develop resources and provide training on these resources so that all stakeholders (principals to faculty, teachers to students, etc.) have access.  

During this time, we are utilizing Blackboard to provide online communication and resources for students. These Blackboard sites (teacher websites) will be where every teacher will post contact information, announcements, resources and activities.  Since Friday, April 3, our eight-member tech training team created 700 Blackboard sites, updated every school website’s faculty list and linked these lists to every teacher’s Blackboard site. This will provide an easy and consistent way for students and families to connect with their teachers. To access the teacher Blackboard websites, go to your child's school webpage and click the "Faculty" link.

Although 75% of the teaching staff already had a Blackboard site to provide resources to students while away from school, there was a need to train teachers to work in the “new to them” environment. To provide this training, the tech team offered 25 webinars since the school closure began on March 13.  More than 1500 teachers have attended the webinars and have updated online resources for our CPSB students. The team is continuously adding more trainings to address the needs of the CPSB staff. 

In order to meet the need of “one-to-many” communication during the statewide stay-at-home order, the tech training center team also setup collaborative online safe and secure meeting spaces.  The tech team provided several online training opportunities for district administrators and staff to use Microsoft Teams to hold virtual faculty meetings, teacher grade level planning meetings, etc.  For teacher to student communication, the tech team offered webinars to all teachers in the use of Blackboard Collaborate.  This will allow safe and secure online video conferencing between teachers and students.  

With teachers needing to work remotely, it is important their technology is working so that they can continue to provide resources to our students.  Starting this week, the Tech Department opened up the CPSB Tech Repair Center on Tuesdays and Thursdays for teachers to have their equipment repaired if needed.  A safe, no contact process was established to ensure the safety of all CPSB employees. The Help Desk specialists, tech trainers and network team are all working every day on answering tech help tickets, resetting employee and student passwords, website updates and maintenance and working with software vendors to make sure the CPSB owned software solutions, such as Learnzillion and Achieve 3000, are available to our students while they are away from school.  


In determining how the 4th Nine Weeks will be handled for our students, it is important to us to make decisions that are in the very best short-term and long-term interest of our students. We have determined how the 4th Nine Weeks will be graded for our high school seniors. The district plans to take the seniors' highest grade from the first three marking periods and use it for the 4th Nine Weeks marking period. Once this is done, if a senior is still in need of credits to pass, they will complete grade recovery or virtual coursework.  

At this time, we are still planning on holding some type of graduation ceremonies for our seniors. It is an important time in their lives, and this event is an important part of their journey. As of now, it is unknown when and how exactly they will take place, but know that we are making plans under several scenarios.  


Today, April 9, LHSAA issued a memo cancelling all remaining 2019-2020 winter sport championships and all spring sports regular seasons and those respective spring sport championships. These cancellations are finalized, even if schools reopen.  


We released new dates for Early Childhood Coordinated Enrollment earlier this week. In case you missed it, view the information here  


The sign-up for meal deliveries is still available. All CPSB students are eligible. Please feel out this form if interested. We do not have a start date from the company yet, but we are hoping it will be very soon.  


As we've mentioned before, we are here to help students and families as best we can. We are working every day to answer questions, address concerns, and offer assistance. We appreciate your patience. We are all ready to return to normalcy once it's deemed safe for everyone, as we miss the smiling faces of our students and all of our staff members. If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to We hope everyone has a great Spring Break starting tomorrow and all next week.  

Check out CPSB's Virtual Freeway showcasing all of the online resources available.