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September 22 - Rebuilding Update

We have more information to share with our families as we continue Rebuilding Foundations for the Future.

While Hurricane Laura set the opening of our school system back a bit, it will definitely not keep us down. Plans are in action now to bring back 10 to 15 schools at some point next week in the same face-to-face format that was scheduled for the original August 24 opening. A number of schools will open each additional week with nearly all schools reopening by the third week in October.

CPSB will also offer online learning to all students beginning on Monday, September 28th. While internet and power are still concerns in many areas, it is important that opportunities exist for learning where available. This link answers frequently asked questions about the online learning format, includes details on how parents will be notified of schools opening, and directs parents and students to tutorials and login information. If there are additional questions, please email

We are committed to a full recovery from the impacts of Hurricane Laura as soon as possible. We can’t wait to see all of our students.