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October 23 - Rebuilding Update

As we are now amid reopening our schools, we want to wrap up this week with an overview of what is happening across the district as we rebuild foundations for the future. Please read below for updates on many things, including CPSB Connected Classrooms, School Nutrition Program, grading arrangements and much more.

CPSB Connected Classrooms

On November 4, K-8th grade students enrolled virtually for the 20-21 school year will transition from the online courses offered through Odysseyware to the CPSB Connected Classrooms virtual program. This change will not affect virtual students in grades 9-12, as they will continue coursework in Odysseyware. CPSB Connected Classrooms is the original virtual program offered as an educational option to students for this school year.  

The CPSB Connected Classrooms virtual program will provide elementary and middle school students with a structured schedule for daily, synchronous instruction by certified CPSB teachers. Students will engage in the same high-quality, standards-based curricula offered in a face-to-face classroom setting. Our virtual teachers look forward to welcoming your students back to school and will be in contact to answer your questions and provide instructions for accessing their online classrooms.  

Virtual students will receive credit for coursework completed in Odysseyware, and a paper-based assignment will be available for students who were unable to complete work due to lack of internet access. Dates and times for packet pick-up are still being finalized at this time.

Any transfers to or from CPSB Connected Classrooms must be completed through the student’s school site within two weeks of the school’s official start date for students. For questions regarding CPSB Connected Classrooms, please view more information here.

Grading Arrangements

We’ve received lots of questions as to how grading will be handled for assignments completed in Odysseyware. Those details are explained below by grade levels. Students at all levels will not receive a report card for the first marking period (9 weeks). At the end of the second marking period, students will receive a report card with a grade for both the first and second marking periods.

Kindergarten – 8th Grade

Once a school reopens, grades will begin to be recorded in JCampus for each student.  All completed assignments in Odysseyware will be averaged and recorded as one grade in JCampus. The remaining six grades for the first nine weeks period will be taken from each content’s high-quality curriculum activities and assessments or socio-emotional relevant activities.  The rationale for averaging all Odysseyware completed assignments is to provide equity for students who have struggled with internet access during their time away from school.  These students will be provided an opportunity to complete an agreed upon number of assignments deemed reasonable by each school’s leadership team keeping in mind that in-class time will only focus on high-quality curriculum or socio-emotional relevant activities. The second nine weeks’ seven grades will come directly from high-quality curriculum.

High School

The grade in Odysseyware does not reflect the correct grade for the course since the program only averages assignments completed and does not account for missing assignments. For an accurate reflection of grades, check Student Progress Center.

Full-time online students are required to complete all online courses on their schedules in their entirety to receive credit. All work for the first and second marking periods will be due at the end of the second marking period, and coursework for the third and fourth marking periods will be due at the district’s set deadlines for those marking periods.

Students that are returning to face-to-face instruction will be required to complete one Odysseyware grade a week when their school was not in session with a start date of September 28. For example, if School A opens for face-to-face instruction on October 19, the week of September 28 - October 2 counts as one grade, the week of October 5-9 counts as one grade, and the week of October 12-16 counts as one grade, totaling three grades required for students at this school.  If a student completed more than the required number of assignments for his/her school, the teacher will use the best of the required grades and award bonus points for the remaining assignments. If a student was unable to complete any or all required assignments when he/she returns to school, the teachers will either require the student to complete the set number of Odysseyware assignments or assign other work to make up for the missing Odysseyware assignments. Students will be given until the end of the second marking period to complete this work with allowances to work on these assignments during the student’s scheduled remote learning hour to the greatest extent possible.

WiFi Access

Free WiFi is still available for families across the district. Our smart buses are still available, and there are also multiple WiFi access points to utilize. Click here to view locations. We also have outside access points available at many of our campuses. Student usernames/passwords are needed when utilizing these access points.

All but one of our school locations is back online and connected to internet through Suddenlink.

School Nutrition Program

As previously announced, all students will be able to eat with us for the entire school year at no charge. This includes virtual students.

Grab & Go meals for students enrolled in CPSB Connected Classrooms will be distributed beginning Friday, November 6th. The meal packages will consist of five breakfasts and five lunches per student. Meals will also be available for all 7-12th grade face-to-face students consisting of three breakfasts and three lunches. If the student is not present during meal pick-up, a consent form must be signed by the adult responsible. Pick-up sites can be viewed here

School Construction

Almost all CPSB buildings and facilities received some sort of damage following both Hurricanes Laura and Delta. These damages included quite a bit of roof damage, which in turn, led to further damage throughout campuses. While the majority of remediation work has been completed, the shift will now be towards permanent work. All campuses have now been assigned architects for this work.

Fifty -four (54) of our campuses will have students by the end of next week with nine remaining campuses waiting final clearance. Those nine campuses have been dried-in and have ceiling replacement work being finalized with most completed by the first week in November. Hurricane Delta provided some additional water damage in many of the schools requiring temporary roofs to be replaced and additional ceiling tiles removed and replaced.

School Calendar

We do anticipate some changes to the school calendar to account for classroom time lost due to both hurricanes. We are in the early stages of planning those changes, and all changes will be brought to the School Board in November for consideration and possible final approval. We anticipate recommendations including additional minutes added to each school day and additional instructional days in the spring semester.


As we reopen our campuses, it’s important to remember that our Return to School Plan regarding COVID-19 is still in place. The blue/gold schedule remains in place, and all planned safety measures are in place on campuses.

As positive COVID-19 cases surface in our schools, please know that we will continue to follow all protocols in place. When we are notified of a positive case, contact tracing will take place and notification will be sent to students and staff affected. If and when quarantines are required, they will be enacted. COVID-19 related issues are never taken lightly, and much time has already been dedicated to following the flow charts established and guided by our medical experts around the state.