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Enroll in 4H - Ends Nov 1

What is 4H? Click Here to Learn More About 4H


Dear parents:

This letter explains an opportunity for your child to join Bell City 4-H Club. 4-H is the largest youth organization in the United States and Louisiana has more than 220,000 4-H members in more than 1,700 clubs. Louisiana 4-H programs offer youth from all backgrounds and interests the opportunity to join 4-H as a club member. Club members must be 9 years of age before January 1 of the current club year. Calcasieu 4-H school clubs start in October and extend through April with a field trip option in May. School clubs usually meet once or twice monthly for about 30 minutes.

Enrollment Fees for Bell City 4-H Club are $12 and include a t-shirt. Calcasieu Parish and Louisiana State 4-H fees are $8 and can be paid online when you enroll in 4-H at And our club will meet the first Tuesday of every month during school.

Beyond the school club meeting, members have the option to join project clubs. Project clubs, usually parish-wide, focus on a specific project area. Members can join both school clubs and project clubs. Calcasieu Parish 4-H project club currently include: Shooting Sports, Junior Leaders (8th – 12th Grade), Horse Club, and various workshops throughout the year.

Where can I get more information about Louisiana 4-H? There is a state 4-H website and a parish extension website. The state website can be located at Your individual parish website can be accessed by visiting

Do you have to show livestock to be in 4-H? No, you do not have to show livestock to be in 4-H. Many parishes offer programming in several different areas, including healthy living, citizenship, and science, engineering, and technology. 4-H offers something for everyone. IF you are interested though you can call the office for more information about our livestock projects, there are options for every budget and size space!

How do I stay up-to-date with all 4-H events? At each club meeting, the 4-H’er will receive a monthly newsletter outlining upcoming events and recapping events. Another way you can stay up-to-date with what’s happening is following your parish and statewide 4- H social media accounts.

Please contact your school for more information regarding enrollment dues and deadlines.


Bell City 4H Sponsors

Open to students in grades 4-12

*3rd graders who are 9yrs old before 12/31 are also eligible.

Step 1: Enroll in Calcasieu 4H Online

  1. Enrollment is 100% online.
  2. You will sign up for 4H using this website:
    2. Sign In or Sign up if it is your first time joining
    3. See this guide for help:Help Enrolling

Extra Help

Step 2: Pay BCHS $12 Dues

    1. Skip down to where it says : Adding Youth Enrollment
    2. You will pay $8 State 4H dues to 4H Online
    3. You will pay $12 BC dues on Bell City Website.

You are not enrolled in 4H until you complete these steps:

  1. Enroll in 4H online and pay $8 dues online
  2. Pay $12 dues to BCHS online 

Step 3: Submit your shirt size to BCHS

 Submit tshirt size using this form: 4H Club Shirt Sizes

Deadline is Nov 1


*If you are showing livestock, you must be a member of either 4H of FFA


FFA vs 4H – What’s the difference?

  1. You can show livestock under Bell City FFA or Calcasieu 4H
    1. Kids sometimes like to be recognized as Bell City students instead of just Calcasieu
    2. They are all eligible for the same awards and scholarships unless the scholarship specifically states otherwise
  2. You can be a member of both, or just a member of one
    1. If you want to compete at 4H-U or other 4H contests during the year, join 4H
    2. If you want to compete at FFA contests and events, join FFA
  3. The major difference is how you turn in your entry forms for Calcasieu Parish Livestock Show
    1. If you are showing under Bell City FFA – make checks out to BCHS, turn into Doland
    2. If you are showing under Calcasieu 4H – make checks out to Calcasieu Jr Livestock, turn into 4H Office