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State Fair Rule Changes - Must Read

Good Morning,

The Fair will be here in just 14 days!

We just wanted to let you know that we sent a letter out to all swine exhibitors about the guidelines for the State Fair. It states that swine are due in here Saturday, Oct.25th @ 4:00 PM. We realize that some exhibitors have to travel and have beef, lambs & goats entries also, they just have to call ahead to make arrangements for their swine. If they do not they will not be able to unload their swine. Due to PED virus outbreak, we are going to close off some pens just for the swine and where ever they are stalled, they will have to stay.  I have attached a copy for ya'll.

If I am missing any 4H Agent or FFA Advisor's email address, please share this info.

Looking forward to seeing everybody soon,

Peggy Swindle
3701 Hudson Street
Shreveport, LA 71109
(318) 635-1361
FAX (318) 631-4909