CITGO Innovation Academy expanding to LeBlanc Middle School

Holly Holland

Public Information Officer

February 26, 2019





The Calcasieu Parish School Board is excited to announce the continuation of the CITGO Innovation Academy at the middle school level for the 2019-2020 school year. The CITGO Innovation Academy at LeBlanc Middle School will welcome sixth graders beginning this fall.


The CITGO Innovation Academy at E.K. Key Elementary School is already building the foundation for future success with a STEM integrated curriculum. This hands-on learning, development of problem-solving skills using scientific inquiry, and collaboration with others through the implementation of engineering design process will be mirrored with the incoming Academy students at LeBlanc Middle. Thirty spots will be available for sixth grade students next year.


Like at E.K. Key Elementary, students will be part of LeBlanc Middle School’s enrollment, joining students for times such as lunch, field trips, and assemblies.


Any Calcasieu Parish student zoned to attend high school in Sulphur, Vinton, Starks, DeQuincy or Westlake entering sixth grade can apply to attend the CITGO Innovation Academy at LeBlanc Middle School. Admission will be based on several criteria including test scores, grades, and overall academic performance.


Families interested in learning more are invited to attend an open house event at LeBlanc Middle School on Thursday, February 28. The event will take place in the LeBlanc STEM classrooms from 5:30-6:30 p.m. 


This information and any future updates can be found online at the Calcasieu Parish School Board’s website as well as LeBlanc Middle School’s website. Updates will also be provided via social media.