CPSB Piloting Program for Educational Career Path

Holly Holland

Public Information Officer


July 9, 2019




The Calcasieu Parish School Board is excited to be offering a pilot program, Educators Rising, next school year for high school students interested in the field of education. In its first year, this pilot program will be offered at both Barbe High School and Sulphur High School.


“There is likely not a more rewarding profession than teaching when the student has that defining moment when a concept finally makes sense,” says Superintendent Karl Bruchhaus. “We need to capture those successes and highlight them for our future teachers as we peak their interest in serving students. EdRising is a program that can help to cultivate that interest in teaching while a student is in high school considering career options.”


The purpose of this national program is to build a pipeline of teachers. The district is working with McNeese State University to ensure students participating in the program receive education college credits after passing the micro-credentials associated with the course. The cost to secure those credentials will be covered by the district.


The Calcasieu Parish School Board employs over 2,300 teachers, making this program vital to the district’s future successes. Lori Benoit will teach the course at Barbe High School, while Andrea McFarlain will teach it at Sulphur High School.


“EdRising is an important initiative to address the growing teacher shortage and to set future educators on the path early,” said Benoit. “Teachers do a great job of promoting professions in engineering, skilled trades, law, medicine--every field but our own.  It’s time for us to start, and EdRising is a great way to do it. Even if these students decide not to become teachers, they will have a useful skill set that is transferable to any profession and a unique understanding of the teaching profession which will inform their decisions when they become voters, parents, and community leaders.  We owe our future children great teachers, and those teachers are sitting in our classrooms today.”


“I equate the program with the Renaissance -- the rebirth of learning, when society looked back to the ancient Greek scholars like Socrates and Aristotle (revered educators),” says McFarlain.  “Educators Rising seeks to renew that reverence and pride in the noble profession of education.  Our current society values a career in education as no more than a decent back-up plan, but with EdRising, we'll redirect this way of thinking.  Students will see how noble the profession truly is through first-hand experiences.” 


An additional benefit of the program is that participating students will not have to meet dual enrollment requirements or pay tuition to receive the credits. Over the course of one year, participating students can earn 3-6 hours of education college credits.


Those interested in participating in the program can contact the course teachers at loris.benoit@cpsb.org for Barbe High or at andrea.mcfarlain@cpsb.org for Sulphur High.