CPSB Smart Buses Rolling out Monday

On Monday, May 4, a dozen CPSB Smart Buses will be rolling out for community Wi-Fi access. These Smart Buses will provide free filtered Wi-Fi to students for educational purposes. The Smart Buses will be parked in the following locations: 

  • Barbe Elementary School
  • Bell City High School
  • Combre-Fondel Elementary School
  • DeQuincy Middle School
  • Gillis Elementary School
  • LaGrange High School
  • LeBleu Settlement Elementary School
  • Starks High School
  • Vincent Settlement Elementary School
  • Vinton Elementary School
  • Washington-Marion High School
  • Western Heights Elementary School

Depending on usage, the buses may relocate. Be sure to check the CPSB website each day to verify locations.

Each bus will have a banner on it identifying it as a Smart Bus. The buses will be available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.  To connect to the Smart Bus Wi-Fi, visitors must park near the bus and connect to the “Kajeet Smart Bus” network using the password smartbus. We are asking visitors to please practice social distancing by remaining in in their vehicles while on campus.

For Wi-Fi connectivity issues, email info@cpsb.org.

In addition, the following schools have Wi-Fi access points that reach their parking lots:

These Wi-Fi access points are available 24/7. Students will be able to connect to CPSB-Air at these locations using their CPSB username and password. If a student doesn’t know their CPSB username and password, email phyllis.derise@cpsb.org to reset it.

To determine where to park at these schools for Wi-Fi access, visit the school’s website. Specific details will be available on these school websites by Monday morning.