Uniform Policy Update: Addition of Blue Jeans

On July 12, 2022, members of the Calcasieu Parish School Board voted to amend the current dress code policy by adding blue jeans. The full addition is included below.

"Khaki or navy-blue pants (shades may vary) or blue jeans (shades of blue may vary), skirts, shorts, skorts, or jumpers must be uniform style and color. Blue jeans pants only (shades of blue may vary) shall not have any holes, rips, or tears. No blue jeans shorts, no corduroy or wind-suit materials, no sweatpants, no stretch pants or leggings, no jeggings, no joggers, no spandex, no baggy pants, no bell-bottoms, no carpenter or cargo styles, no hip-huggers, no side-knee pockets, no capris. Emblems, logos, or decorations are not allowed. Shorts and skorts must measure (front and back) no shorter than three inches above the knee and no longer than mid-knee. Skirts and jumpers must measure no shorter than three inches above the knee."