Calcasieu schools again show growth in School Performance Scores

November 2022


Today the Louisiana Department of Education released individual school and system performance data for the 2021-2022 school year. The overall Calcasieu district performance score of 82.8 demonstrates growth of a full point over the last official LDOE scores from 2019 and again categorizes the district as a ‘B’ for 21-22. The score, 5.7 points above the state average, also shows a growth of 1.4 over Calcasieu’s simulated results for 2020-2021. 


Individual school growth can also be seen across the district. While elementary and middle school scores are mainly based on LEAP 2025 scores, high school scores are based on a combination of LEAP scores, ACT scores, graduation rates, and graduation index. 


CPSB elementary schools showed substantial improvement with five elementary schools showing double digit growth in SPS points. In our middle schools, significant growth can be seen in our students performing at the mastery and advanced levels in mathematics. Several middle schools showed growth, while others maintained levels near or at those of 2019. All CPSB high schools received ‘A’ ratings for the graduation index and graduation rate, although this data was based off graduates from the year of Hurricanes Laura and Delta when access to factors affecting these indicators was limited. Eight of 11 high schools showed growth, with DeQuincy High School leading the group in overall growth.  


Over 90% of the district’s students are in A, B, or C schools. In the Progress component of the state accountability system, all 57 schools in the district earned a ‘C’ or better, with 17 of those schools earning an ‘A’ and 31 earning a ‘B.’


Fourteen CPSB schools are labeled as Top Gains schools, which reflects high ratings in student academic growth. Six schools, listed below, displayed growth of over ten points.  




Fifteen CPSB schools are Opportunity honorees, meaning they are in the top 10% for performance among students with Disability, English Learner, or Economically Disadvantaged students.  


“The performance of our schools is a testament to the resiliency and dedication of our CPSB family,” said CPSB Superintendent Dr. Shannon LaFargue. “While recognizing we have much work to do, we celebrate our teachers, staff, and students in our quest for continued growth this school year.” 


As work continues this school year, our team is committed to recovering learning loss from previous years’ events while also working to accelerate learning for our students. We will continue to focus on improving student performance through effective classroom instruction and by utilizing state results to identify schools that need additional support. We will continue to work to meet our students’ needs, provide high quality instruction, and offer a comprehensive educational experience for the development of the whole child. 


Compared across the board to the state average, Calcasieu outperformed Louisiana in multiple categories including K8 & High School Assessment Index and K8 Assessment Index. High school scores significantly outperformed the state in multiple categories, including ACT Index, Strength of Diploma Index, and Cohort Graduation Rate Index.  


View a detailed look at the results here