- Why are you proposing a new tax now? What happens if it fails?

There has not been a tax passed in Bonding District 34 for 15 years.  The buildings are maintained by the CPSB operating budget but they are structurally aging and need major renovations to modernize them and make them last many more years.  Additionally, there is obviously a tremendous amount of growth in South Lake Charles because of the economic boom and the general shifting of the population south.  The school facilities in the area need to grow to keep up with the growing student bodies.  The South Lake Charles board members understand how anti-tax and anti-government the current environment is but agree that it is critical to be proactive and prepare for the growth that is coming.  If the bond issues fail CPSB will continue to maintain the existing buildings, but crowding will only get worse, and roofs which are already deteriorating, will become a major problem without funding.