- But don’t we pay higher taxes than everybody else in the parish?

All the individual bonding districts finance their school buildings by the passage of bond issues just like this one and with the help of riverboat money as needed.  Over the past years all the other bonding districts have been passing taxes and paying much higher rates to fund their own schools.  In South Lake Charles many years ago the tax rate was as high as 29.6 mills (2005) but since then no new taxes have been passed.  At the same time the available bonding capacity has been increasing due to the economic growth.  The documentation link showing the various bonding districts and their associated CPSB millages should make it quite clear that the people in Bonding District 34 are in no way being taken advantage of by the rest of the parish.  To put it into perspective, residents, property owners, and businesses in North Lake Charles pay 21.0 mils, while the people in Barbe District pay only 4.8 mils, a residual amount from the last tax passed in 2002.  (See the documentation link #4 and #7 for more details.)