- What happened to all the gambling money?

CPSB has averaged $2.85 million in dedicated revenues from “riverboat head tax” for the last ten years, the money has been used across the parish for one-time expenditures like land purchases and classroom construction. The classroom buildings (Pods) are the tan concrete block buildings that have been built in configurations of 2, 4, 6, 8, or 16 classrooms.


Riverboat Funded Projects in Bonding District 31  


POD Classrooms Land Purchases   Track Re-Surfacing 

Covered Play Courts

Washington-Marion High  (4)
Molo Middle  (4)
 Ralph Wilson Elementary (4)  
Washington-Marion High
 Johnson Elementary 
Combre/Fondel Elementary
Pearl Watson Elementary
Molo Middle
Washington-Marion High
Ralph Wilson Elementary
Combre/Fondel Elementary