- When was the last bond issue passed in Westlake/Maplewood (District 23) and what did it pay for?


The last bond issue proposition was November 17, 2007.


Proposition           $35,000,000


New Construction, Renovations, and Upgrades


Westlake High                                                                              $  7.3 million  

Paved parking, stadium/track improvements, Girls’ batting cage,

Electrical service replacement, covered courtyard, gym dressing upgrades


S.P. Arnett Middle                                                                      $ 7 .5 million 

Open air pavilion, new administration/classrooms/library, gym floors, parking


Western Heights Elementary                                                    $ 915,000      

Covered play courts, canopies, parking


Westwood Elementary                                                             $ 2.67   million

Covered courtyard, cafeteria expansion, drives/drop off, library renovations


Maplewood Elementary/Middle                                             $18 .4 million

New building, gymnasium expansion, band/chorus room, parking

Multi-purpose and classroom POD, cafeteria miscellaneous renovations