May is Citizenship Month and Flat Ms. Josey!!

May is Citizenship monthCitizenship  and if you look under the link for online learning, you will find a  printable  packet for you and your student  to color, write, and play together! 


The Flat Stanley flat stanley (or Flat Ms. Josey!) is also available for download if you didn't pick up a  packet. I can't wait to see where Flat Ms. Josey will go this week.

Email/Send pictures please!

I'm also excited to see your Flat people!

I will take  them on adventures as well and will update you right here on my page!

I miss all of my friends, so  wait for my phone calls this  week!  I'm here to help or just to chat. Make it a great week!!

Love and  virtual hugs,

Ms.  Josey