Nov. 28-Dec. 2, 2022

Nov. 28- Dec. 2


    1. Bell Ringer # 1

    2. Sugar Changed the World

       a. Review Unit Objectives and Culminating Writing Task

    3. “Sugar Cane” by Grace Nichols

       a. Read/Annotate poem aloud as a class/Determine meaning of unfamiliar words

       b. Re-read poem independently/Identify words that convey the emotions of the sugar cane plant

       c. Partner share- Words/Emotions conveyed


  1. Bell Ringer # 2

     2.“Sugar Cane” by Grace Nichols

      a. Re-read the poem (Paraphrase/Summarize)/ Review Annotations 

      b. Identify examples of personification while reading

      c. Record examples on Analyzing Theme Organizer

      d. Class Discussion- “Who or what does the sugarcane plant symbolize in the poem?”

         -Fill in Chart as a class


1.Bell Ringer # 3

  1. “Sugar Cane” by Grace Nichols
  1. Re-read Notes on Theme Organizer
  2. Analyze/Identify tone/Support with Evidence & Record
  3. “Cane Cutting Scene” Painting
  4. Work w/partner to use OPTIC strategy to analyze painting   


  1. Bell Ringer # 4
  2. “Sugar Cane” by Grace Nichols
  1. “Cane Cutting Scene” Painting
  2. Continue working w/partner to use OPTIC Organizer to analyze painting
  3. Analyze/Identify Painter’s tone/attitude, Support with Evidence & Record 


  1. Bell Ringer # 5

  2.“Sugar Cane” by Grace Nichols

      a.Re-read poem & Review Theme Analysis

      b. Test on Poem

  3. “Sugar Changed the World”

      a. Read Prologue (p. 1-3) & Take notes on the author’s purpose