Feb. 20-24, 2023

Feb. 20-24, 2023


Mon.-Wed.--- Mardi Gras Break



  1.  Bell Ringer # 6

  1. “The Tell-Tale Heart" Guidebook Unit
  1. Review painting analysis- “The Treachery of Images” Painting & Submit Answers as needed/Review Anticipation Guide/Unit topics (Opinion-reality vs. perception)  
  2. Create Unit Concept Map
  3. Intro to Avi/Novel- Nothing but the Truth


  1. Bell Ringer # 7
  2. Finish Intro as needed & Concept Maps as needed
  3. Nothing but The Truth by Avi (Lesson 2)

a. Begin reading novel

b. Record in Reading Log- (Text Structure of Novel)

c. Turn & Talk Partner

d. Share/Class Discussion