Dec. 11-15, 2023

Unit 2-The Tell-Tale Heart (narrative perspective/point of view)


Dec. 11-12, 2023


  1. Bell Ringer # 6
  2. “The Fox and the Horse” Narrative Essay Task
  1. Review Narrative Leap Rubric/Expectations & Prompt
  2. Finish discussion of Sample Essays Analysis/Scores using evidence from Rubric as support
  3. Outline and Brainstorm for the Narrative Essay Task in response to “The Fox and the Horse.”
  4. Begin typing draft of essay



  1. Bell Ringer # 7
  2. “The Fox and the Horse” Narrative Essay Task
  1. Mini-lesson on using dialogue effectively
  2. Continue typing draft of essay
  3. Edit/Revise Draft using Rubric/Checklist as needed



  1. Bell Ringer # 8
  2. “The Fox and the Horse” Narrative Essay Task

a. Review task expectations/address common errors (Narrative skills mini-lesson as needed)

b. Finish editing and revising

c. Finish drafting and submit finals



     1. Bell Ringer- #9

2. Unit Intro-Discuss Essential Questions/Skills Focus/Culminating Writing Task

     a. Set up materials

b. Unit Intro- Agree-Disagree- Perspective vs. Reality

c. Analyze painting to determine the artist’s message

d. Begin creating Unit Concept Map



  1. Bell Ringer # 10

  2. The Treachery of Images

  1. Finish painting analysis as needed
  2. Discuss/Share analysis
  3. Meet the author Avi- Read author bio and answer questions