End of September Class Info

General Info:    Fun Run money is due.   Thank you for supporting our school fundraiser! 


ELA- We have completed Unit 3. We are reading and writing CVC words with letters  "m a t d c i o g"  We are also writing our names and learning about how special our names are.

MATH: We can rote count 1-10 (count aloud). We can count objects and make sets 0-5. We can write and identify numbers 0-5. We are moving on to numbers 6-10.

Social Living:  We have spent a LOT of time on rules, procedures, expectations, and manners.  We are now learning about Apples: life cycle & parts.

Handwriting: We are focusing on writing our names correctly as well as forming letters "m a t d c i o g" correctly. We have learned about the handwriting house (roof, window line, and floor line).  

Upcoming In OCTOBER:

*We will be learning 8 new letters and sounds.

*We will be Identifying and counting sets Numbers 0-10 fluently as well as breaking those sets into parts.

*We will learn more about Fall changes in plants & weather.