YouTube Videos Not Playing In Blackboard

Click here for a video tutorial: mms:// on using 4k download or  follow these directions for using 4K Download:

                                                               i.      Go to 4K Download-  Click on Get 4K Video Downloader.   It will download, if you are in Google Chrome, you will see the file in the bottom right, click on the file, click Run. Click Yes, Click Ok.  Click Next, Click I accept, Click Next. Click Next. Click Install. Click Finish.

                                                             ii.      The Software will launch. It appears on your screen as just a small window that take up about 1/5 of your screen.

                                                            iii.      Now go to Youtube (remember, you cannot do this from a computer that is on the cpsb domain.) 

                                                           iv.      In the search box of Youtube, type the topic that you are looking for.

                                                             v.      Click on the video title to watch the video.  Please, be sure to watch the entire video to make sure that it is appropriate for school and that it has not been edited!

                                                           vi.      Once you have a video that you want to use, click in the Internet address bar at the top of your Browser. 

                                                          vii.      The url should highlight.   If it does not, make sure that you click so that it does highlight.

                                                        viii.      Once it is highlighted, either use the keystroke combination, CTRL C or right click and select copy.

                                                           ix.      Now, go to you 4K Download program.  You may need to minimize your Internet Browser to see the program, or you can click on the green icon that is in the task bar of your computer.

                                                             x.      Click Paste Link.

                                                           xi.      It will default to Normal Quality which is fine, so click Download.

                                                          xii.      When the green progress bar is complete, you will be ready to get your video.

                                                        xiii.      The video is stored in the following location:

1.       Click on My Computer.

2.       Click on Videos.

3.       Click on 4K Downloader folder.

4.       Inside the folder are all of your videos.

                                                        xiv.      If the video is on the computer that you will be using to show your students, you can just simply double click on the video and it will begin playing.

                                                         xv.      If you saved the video on a computer at home and need to bring the video to school, you can simply drag a copy of the video to a pen drive. 

                                                        xvi.      If you would like your students to view the video, we recommend that you add the video to your Blackboard site. 

1.       Go to you Blackboard site.

2.       Click on a Content Area.

3.       Click on Build Content.

4.       Click on Video.

5.       Browse to search to find the video. Remember it is My Computer/Videos/4K Download.

6.       Click on Ok.

7.       Click on Submit.