If a senior’s first class of the day isn't until 2nd or 3rd period and they are absent will they have to be marked as skipped by that teacher? What about the rest of the day? Will each teacher have to mark them as skipped or will they be marked absent be

If a teacher knows that the student is a senior and that her class is their first period class, they can mark them in the OUT column with a 52.  The rest of the day nothing needs to be marked if the student continues to be absent the rest of the day.

If a student other than a senior as in the above example is absent in a class and has not been marked absent by the first hour teacher or checked out by the office, the first time the student does not show up in a class, that teacher should mark the student Skipped.  After that, if the student continues to be absent, there is really no reason for the other teachers to continue to mark the student skipped.