Week of February 5th - 9th

Week of February 5th - 9th

The 3rd 9-weeks Spiral Review is open on Edulastic. Students are to work on this in their own time throughout the 9-weeks. This will close Friday, March 1st.

If a paper copy is needed, please let me know. 


  • Lesson 8: Two Sides and One Angle
  • Topic B Quiz Tomorrow
  • Homework: no homework


  • Module 4 Topic B Quiz 
  • Homework: no homework


  • Lesson 10: The Outside of a Circle
  • Homework: page 173-175 problems #1-11 (odd numbered problems only)


  • Lesson 12: Exploring the Area and Circumference of a Circle
  • Homework: Page 209-212 problems #1-5 (odd numbered problems only.)


  • Lesson 13: Finding Area of Circular Regions
  • Topic C Study Guide
  • Homework: no homework