Week of 10/4/21

Monday - Constructed Response AgileMind;My Courses; Topic 2 Constructed response Number 1- Students will be expected to provide written response in the form of complete sentences to a series of Questions related to the most eocnomical way to purchase drinks.  They will calculate unit rates associated with the various purchasing options availible.

Tuesday - Finishin Constructed Response and Topic2Block4 - Students will generate unit rates based on the proportions used in a recipe and a unit based on the speed and distance.   

Wednesday - Begin Topic2Block6 -Students will generate scale factors and unit rates based on the dimension provided with a photo.

Thursday - Complete topic2Block6 - Students will generate a series of unit rates and scale factors used to manipulate photos and models based on the dimensions of provided

Friday - Topic2Block7 - Students will construct a graph to represent the unit $/Hr in a scaled graph displaying the proportional relationship between hours worked and the unit rate of payment